15 Mar 2020

A young student - Nojoud Al Mazrouei... Highlights marginalized issues with the beauty of “Stop Art

The young, Nujoud Al Mazrouei, transforms human feelings into paintings, the details of which embody the beauty of eyes and faces, joys, griefs, anxieties, or suspense they encounter.

17 Jan 2020

Nouf Al-Abdouli produces "environmentally friendly" oil

Nouf Al-Abdouli grew up in the Emirate of Fujairah, then she studied petroleum engineering at the United Arab Emirates University, to assume the position of CEO of an emerging oil ...

13 Jan 2020

Doaa Al-Abdouli publishes messages of hope for "Emirati heroine

"Artist of the World" is the nickname that the Emirati young woman, Doaa Al-Abdouli, would like to call herself, and reveal her talent in the field of her love since ...

19 Aug 2019

Issa Alawadhi ... Emirati «Barista» draws his writings from the clients’ stories

Issa Al Awadhi, the young Emirati writer and journalist has chosen to approach numerous parts of the UAE society through his work as a Barista, a coffee maker at Joe ...

12 Feb 2019

4 students at UAEU innovate a smart car with 22 properties for community services

Four female students, Mariam Al Bloushi, Mariam Aldossari, Fatima Al Mazroui and Sarah Al Yafee are studying at the UAEU, have created a smart car with 22 properties that contribute ...

11 Jun 2018

UAEU student proves that you can achieve your dreams even with a disability

At the age of 17, Mona Al Hamed went on a beautiful journey with her family to enjoy time in nature, not knowing that this journey would change her life. ...

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