Nouf Al-Abdouli produces "environmentally friendly" oil

Nouf Al-Abdouli produces "environmentally friendly" oil

Nouf Al-Abdouli

Nouf Al-Abdouli grew up in the Emirate of Fujairah, then she studied petroleum engineering at the United Arab Emirates University, to assume the position of CEO of an emerging oil research company, and to become a certified trainer from the British Board, and the matter did not stop there, so Al-Abdouli worked on developing a pilot project that produces oil It is environmentally friendly material.

"Petroleum engineering is full of rich, accurate and new information, and it is a very important economic specialty at the level of the country and the world," Abdouli said, noting that the UAE supports the citizen greatly in this field, and there are many models that preceded it in experiences and giving, and adds "Petroleum Engineering is one of the disciplines that have grown." I have the skill of precision, focus and diligence, and it is a discipline full of challenges, experiences and expertise. ”

To clarify the reason for choosing the field, Abdouli recalls: “In the beginning, I wanted to study forensic medicine, but I did not do and joined the UAEU and was admitted to the College of Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering was one of the new and strong specializations.

Al-Abdouli was able to produce petroleum from environmentally friendly materials, to that, she says: “I thank UAEU, which allows its students to use laboratories and share scientific research with masters and doctoral students, and all appreciation to the engineer Issa Lewis who welcomed me to join and work in this experiment, where Louise presented his idea By virtue of his experience in this field and I helped him in developing this idea and marketing and managing it, "she added," I feel proud to be the first Emirati woman to be creative in this field, and I want to give more, and I hope to get a job opportunity in the larger projects that serve my country.

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