Ousha is the UAE Hospitality Ambassador at Expo 2020

Ousha is the UAE Hospitality Ambassador at Expo 2020

Ousha is the UAE Hospitality Ambassador at Expo 2020

Photography: Youssef Al Harmoudi

A public relations student welcomes visitors with a kind smile and a short introduction to the UAE

Ousha Salah Al-Hamiri, 22, is one of the familiar faces of Expo 2020 Dubai visitors, as she greets the guests of the World Expo with a kind smile, a warm welcome, and a simple introduction about the UAE.

Ousha contributes ddaily to volunteering with the Emirates team participating in organizing the exceptional event, after she finishes her university lectures.

She coordinates her work periods with the dates of her lectures, taking advantage of "distance learning" that became available after the "Covid-19" pandemic. Her daily shift starts from nine in the morning and continues until four in the evening.

Ousha comes from the city of Al Ain, with private transportation, to show visitors and the world the face of Emirati hospitality, and to be the ambassador of her country in receiving the guests, presenting an honorable image of the Emirati people.

A public relations student at the United Arab Emirates University, she has been volunteering for more than seven years. Ousha is proud to be a key and an important member of the media center at Expo 2020 Dubai, which is specialized in broadcasting and transmitting events to the world.

She says that it is a "unique experience, and a great future step", because of its association with her university major, where she learned a lot about her future work environment, she plans to discover her next step, after she met new people, and gained more experiences and qualifications. Ousha referred to her sub-specialty (French language), which played a major role in facilitating her communication with French visitors and establishing friendly relations with them. Many of them repeated their visit to the exhibition, and some of them praised Ousha's role, in particular, in adding a beautiful character to "Expo 2020".

As she says, Ousha has put into view the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, when he said in the Future Generations Council: “We do not show the world the existing buildings only, but the existing Emirati man, and his core . Anything positive you change.. they will say the Emirati did it. And anything negative that you do.. they will say the Emirati did it.”

Therefore, Ousha’s focus is on embodying His Highness' saying through seriousness and perseverance in field work during her presence at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Ousha was classified as part of the Volunteer Media Center team based on her persevering and social personality. Her university major also had an important role in enabling the communication skills that she applied with visitors exceptionally, which impressed her supervisors, only to be surprised by the extension of her volunteer period, given her importance and the visitors’ love for her, as she plays an important role in coordinating huge media events, and she interviews many Large media stations, hosting local and international personalities, she is keen to provide and organize entry permits for the concerned authorities, and to provide the necessary equipment to cover the global event.

Ousha is an exceptional, distinguished and an active element in the volunteering team, as she is keen to meet visitors after each event to take their opinions, know their point of view on the event, and whether there are any ideas they have that can improve their experience, and then discusses with officials the possibility of applying these ideas to improve the visitors' experience.

Ousha also reinforces the values ​​and customs of the Emirati society through her dedication to work and showing love and positivity by following in the footsteps of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may he rest in peace, who is a role model for all.

She said: "Father Zayed taught us that societies elevate people, and are built based on human beings' treatment of each other. He commanded us with kindness and tolerance. This is our first goal, as volunteers

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