Issa Alawadhi ... Emirati «Barista» draws his writings from the clients’ stories

Issa Alawadhi ... Emirati «Barista» draws his writings from the clients’ stories

Issa Alawadhi

Issa Al Awadhi, the young Emirati writer and journalist has chosen to approach numerous parts of the UAE society through his work as a Barista, a coffee maker at Joe N Juice Café for two months, in order to get acquainted with what is going on in the minds of customers and listen to their conversations. Drawing ideas for his literary works.

Al-Awadi is currently studying the idea of working in other locations within the country, so that he can gather more stories that he can be included in his literary works.

For his part, The Emirati young man has published two literary works, "Issa Draft", a literary collection comprehending thoughts, short stories and articles. "Because it is Unique" is the only book of its kind in the Gulf, linking the article with the novel and short story.

Besides, Al-Awadhi is writing a new novel, Barista, to be published in 2020, inspired by his work at the café and meeting with customers and cafe clients.

He said that the experience of working in the cafe is full of conditions and challenges, most remarkably the acceptance of the idea of ​​an Emirati to work in that career, noting that this step encouraged others to start and work with their own hands in the fields they prefer.

Regarding the challenges, he faced when publishing his literary works, he has stressed that they were represented in his young age, but he stood up to face them. Armed with his motto in life «for change and inspiration I seek .. and for difference I live».

Al-Awadi, 18 years old, is studying media at the UAE University in Al Ain. He is social media activist. He is keen to spread the culture of difference, change and respect for the other.

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