4 students at UAEU innovate a smart car with 22 properties for community services

4 students at UAEU innovate a smart car with 22 properties for community services

Daoud Mohammed

Four female students, Mariam Al Bloushi, Mariam Aldossari, Fatima Al Mazroui and Sarah Al Yafee are studying at the UAEU, have created a smart car with 22 properties that contribute to community service.

Mariam Al Balushi, the owner of the idea, pointed out that the innovative idea of an intelligent application that sends a text message to the vehicle owner's phone if the vehicle is used, and if someone has been forgotten inside the vehicle, as any suspicious movement is sensed by the sensors inside, and if no action is taken within minutes, the message directly sent to the police to deal with the situation and determine the location of the car with ease and convenience.

The application has several features and advantages by linking it to a motion-sensitive camera with sensors in the chairs to detect any movement or weight in the vehicle and then measures the oxygen and heat ratio within the vehicle, and the app controls a solar-powered indoor fan in the vehicle to cool it. The application includes the identification system for the person through the fingerprint.

The steering wheel and mirrors have been changed to suit the owner’s fingerprint and the music he/she usually listens to, instantly showing the user's name on the screen, and can use the fingerprints for other people who are authorized to use the vehicle.

Mariam Al Balushi added that “We are keen to spread and apply our innovation as it incorporates many ideas to reduce the problem of forgetting children in vehicles.
We have conducted research and studies on cases of forgotten children in vehicles, loss of keys and the number of reports reaching the police in this concern. We have succeeded in designing and implementing the project, seeking patents and marketing, and looking for support for a project which is aimed at achieving security and safety in the society using an innovative manner.

From her side, Sarah Al Yafee "We had many ideas that suit this issue, and we decided to try to achieve all the characteristics. We started to present ideas to those interested inside and outside the university," then "The idea was developed into a dynamic project that includes the properties we set up with the help of Dr. Khawla Al Kaabi.


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