Doaa Al-Abdouli publishes messages of hope for "Emirati heroine”

Doaa Al-Abdouli publishes messages of hope for "Emirati heroine

Doaa Al-Abdouli

"Artist of the World" is the nickname that the Emirati young woman, Doaa Al-Abdouli, would like to call herself, and reveal her talent in the field of her love since childhood, and she was able to devote her purposeful messages through social media platforms.

Doaa succeeded in attracting followers and arts enthusiasts who drew their positivity and humanitarian messages full of optimism, love of life and hope for the future, through artwork that adopts drawing in a variety of ways between lead and acrylic colors, and digital drawing using the "iPad", which is attached most of the time to a group of clips The "video" that attracted a diverse audience, young and old, across the digital space.

Doaa “I discovered that cartoon characters are the best way for me to communicate positive messages to those around me, and for this reason I invented the character (Doaa), the ambitious and interactive Emirati hero with her surroundings who is able to cultivate the positive atmosphere and smile around her, by confronting the details of life and her experiences and understanding her teachings that she aspires to translate into lessons that she shares with her audience.”

Doaa is currently a student at United Arab Emirates University, and her bias in her first year to media studies, believing in the need to get acquainted with the scenes of her work and its various aspects to reach the "montage", the field in which she intends to specialize in after her success in experimenting with presenting several videos recently.

She continued: "I think that my current study of media will help me serve my societal goals, and it forms the basis for my next project in the field of cartoon, which I intend to delve into in its techniques and details to be the first Emirati painter to draw professional cartoon characters."


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