A young student - Nojoud Al Mazrouei... Highlights marginalized issues with the beauty of “Stop Art

A young student - Nojoud Al Mazrouei... Highlights marginalized issues with the beauty of “Stop Art

Nojoud Al Mazrouei

The young, Nujoud Al Mazrouei, transforms human feelings into paintings, the details of which embody the beauty of eyes and faces, joys, griefs, anxieties, or suspense they encounter.

The Emirati artist also embodied the socially marginalized issues in a magnificence way, through artistic details with "Stop Art" technique, to highlight the cruelty she has in order to highpoint the significance of facing these problems.

For her part, AL Mazroui approves that she seriously looked for her identity and moved among numerous majors at UAEU until she finally found herself at the College of Art Education, so she decided to study painting techniques.

Moreover, Nojoud moved among the majors of civil planning, engineering and political science, but she did not find herself in it, and she stopped for a year searching for herself. Then she joined the College of Education/ Art. Because of her ambition, she does not want to work at schools, but intends to teach at university so she proposes to study the origins of Fine Art abroad by finishing a master's and doctorate degree.

In the coming period, she intends to organize a special exhibition of her works at the Art Museum in Bait Al Naboodah, Sharjah, where you are admiring the craftsmanship and ingenuity of traditional Gulf architecture in an age and learn about the daily routines of the prominent pearling family who once lived here.

The Emirati artist is planning to create a permanent exhibition in Al Ain, where will become an umbrella for all Fine artists in the city to display their work during the year. 

It is noteworthy that Al Mazrouei has participated in a number of exhibitions at the university and numerous competitions, and has won many prizes, including the short films competition and the UAEU Grand Competition.

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