Reasons You Should Apply For Graduate Programs

Reasons You Should Apply For Graduate Programs

Reasons You Should Apply For Graduate Programs

UAEU is one of the oldest universities established in 1976; additionally has been ranked in the top universities of Abu Dhabi with its extensive programs. It is one of the universities which has both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Out of the nine colleges at United Arab Emirates University, the graduate programs are listed as below:

  1. College of Business and Economics
  2. College of Education
  3. College of Engineering
  4. College of Food and Agriculture
  5. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  6. College of Information Technology
  7. College of Law
  8. College of Medicine and Health Sciences
  9. College of Science

You’ve probably heard a lot about graduate programs throughout your study life. Today we will discuss 5 reasons why you should consider a graduate program.

  • Graduate school provides opportunities for highly increased lifetime financial earnings and also career progression; additionally, the ranking of UAEU and academic excellence only helps you to achieve this goal easily and faster
  • Graduate programs enable you to become independent and provide the chance to become a subject-matter expert in your chosen field, be it engineering, business, food-related, etc. It makes you proficient
  • This is your chance to build a network of peers and strong connections to help you grow in your career and your personal life.
  • You are getting more than a qualification, as UAEU is equipped with a massive campus, so life as a student is not only all on-campus; at the end of the day, you need to have an off-campus life as well, and it will be easy.
  • Learn from the best; at UAEU, all the graduate programs have certified instructors who are best at what they do, well when you learn from the best, you will be able to carry the knowledge forward and also pass it onto others, do you realise you are contributing to world’s knowledge?
  • A good graduate program allows you to learn and broaden your perspective. This way, when a student thinks they are not acceptable in a particular field, they have an option to at least shift or take specific electives to be able to challenge themselves.

Education is a top priority in the United Arab Emirates. UAE's first president, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, envisioned education as one of the key elements to help modernize and prosper the economic growth as a whole. He further added, the standard of their education measures the prosperity and success of people and helps define it as well. UAE over some time has become one of the dominant education hubs in the world. British Council had done a recent study amongst 38 education systems worldwide in which they ranked UAE high in terms of openness to transnational education, regulatory frameworks for student mobility, recognized procedures of foreign degrees.

With a university like UAEU, you can only advance as it also is ranked 5th in the Levant region and has several international rankings too. UAE, as a country to is represented very well in international university rankings compared to other Arab countries in the MENA region.

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