Public Health Careers: What Can You Do With A Master’s In Public Health?

Public Health Careers: What Can You Do With A Master’s In Public Health?

Masters in Public Health

United Arab University is one of the top universities in the levant region offering masters in public health

The program of masters in public health focuses on meeting the development needs of different professionals working in the health sector or related fields such as occupational health, environmental health, primary care or health promotion.

What are the program objectives?

  • Learn history and philosophy of public health, in addition to its core values, concepts, functions, and leadership roles.
  • Examine population health concepts and the processes, approaches, and interventions that identify and address the significant health-related needs and concerns of populations.
  • Identify and seek opportunities for promoting health and preventing disease across the lifespan
  • Explore the cultural context of public health issues.
  • Examine organizational structures of selected health care systems
  • Globalization and sustainable development of their relationship is to the population of health

Moving onto, what and how can a graduate benefit from having a masters in public health are below: 

  • Advanced academic background and qualifications required for leadership roles in public health.
  • Transferable skills and knowledge that can benefit several career paths related to public health
  • Opportunities within research or progression to PhD
  • An enhanced resume for your future job prospects

Furthermore, there are individual career options you can look into:

  1. Health Informatics Specialist - your employers would be food and drug administration clinics, local governments, and other public health organizations. As a health informatics specialist, you will analyze various types of healthcare data and apply different statistical principles to public health.
  2. Healthcare Administrator - your employers would be hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, wellness centres. As a healthcare administrator, your duties would be managing budgets, coordinating with the health services provided to clients. You are keeping involved in certain areas to maintain the different aspects of the public health policy. 
  3. Epidemiologist - your employers, would be health institutes, local and national public health departments, private companies (pharmaceutical companies). As an epidemiologist, you would be in charge of training and educating policymakers of different infections and diseases. You will also provide data reports from the extensive monitoring of epidemics you will be doing. 
  4. Public Health Project Manager - your employers would be NGOs, social work associations, government agencies, research institutions. Your primary duties would involve: develop and implement different healthcare projects which are a part of improving the wellbeing of the community.
  5. Health and Safety Engineer - your employers would be government, construction companies, technology companies. Some of the primary duties are: identify potential hazards for machinery, facilities and safety equipment. Check and install new plans for machinery, ensuring all safety standards in place.
  6.  Public Health Educator - your employers would be government agencies, public and private organizations, NGOs. As a public health educator, you will have to develop lectures and workshops which are flexible. Create informative material to share across presentations and meetings.
  7. Healthcare Consultant - your employers would be private healthcare institutions. As a consultant, you will evaluate the activities and management of a healthcare facility to identify significant problems and ways to solve them and improve efficiency.
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