Maryam Al Qahtani. The first Emirati woman with the rank of "brigadier-General" at the state level

Maryam Al Qahtani. The first Emirati woman with the rank of "brigadier-General" at the state level

Maryam Al Qahtani. The first Emirati woman with the rank of "brigadier-General" at the state level

Maryam Al Qahtani affirms: Women perform police duties that men could not do

Brigadier General Maryam Al-Qahtani: "We are proud of being Emirati women, and we were able to make a unique contribution locally, regionally and internationally"

The Head of the Criminal Biology Department in the Department of Forensic Evidence in the Security and Ports Affairs Sector in Abu Dhabi Police, Brigadier -General Dr. Maryam Ahmed Al Qahtani, (the first Emirati woman to obtain the rank of brigadier general at the Ministry of Interior), affirmed that the presence of women today in the police institution has become a real need to perform tasks and duties that could not be assigned to men.

She urged through the "Emirates Today" newspaper, Emirati women to join the work in Abu Dhabi Police, because of the interest and care found, explaining that the General Command has given the female affiliates, whether in the areas of police or civil work, special attention, as they equally play a leading role with their male colleagues.

She added that the Abu Dhabi Police provided her with great support, as a university graduate joined it. Today, thanks to the Command patronage, she has obtained the highest academic degrees. She also represents the UAE in international organizations, such as the International Police Organization (Interpol).

She pointed out that when she joined the police in 1995, she had a bachelor's degree in biology from the UAE University. Then, she was delegated to study a master's degree in genetic fingerprinting in the United Kingdom in 2005. She studied the male chromosome and its uses in forensic fields. In 2016, she was delegated to study a PhD in the United Kingdom once again. She completed her studies in 2018, and was the first female citizen to obtain a PhD in (Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Using Ion PGM™ and S5™ Platforms).

She pointed out that she started working as a laboratory technician in the Forensic Biology Department, examining cases received by the department. Then, she was promoted to an assistant expert, and began with her colleagues to establish DNA tests in Abu Dhabi Police. Then, she became an expert in biology and DNA tests. She then assumed the position of director of a database branch DNA, she and her colleagues established the branch in partnership with the Forensic Laboratories Authority, and in 2009 she has headed the Department up to date.

She stated the achievements in the areas of work in the Abu Dhabi Police over a period of 26 years, explaining that she is the first Emirati to join the Biology Department in the Abu Dhabi Police. During that period she participated with her colleagues in introducing the DNA of the Abu Dhabi Police, and participating in the establishment of the DNA database branch, in partnership with the Laboratories Authority.  She also assisted with her colleagues the Forensic Biology Department to obtain the international recognition (ISO 17025) from the international accreditation body. It is the highest accreditation that can be obtained internationally in the field of forensic examinations. She currently represents the UAE in the team of monitoring DNA tests in « Interpol”, and prepared a study on the population of the country, and some countries in the Middle East, on new genetic sites, on the human genome using Next Generation Sequencing technology.

She explained that the results of this study will be promising. It will be used in criminal cases and other areas of security work. The origin of the human race of people is identified, the geographical region from which they came, and from which continent and which countries they lived in, and then results are given to the investigation. 

She said, "We are proud of being Emirati women. We were able to make our unique contributions locally, regionally and internationally. I say to every Emirati woman: that the Abu Dhabi Police paid special attention to the female personnel. It provided them with various programs and initiatives supporting their empowerment, which led to excellence in work and national duty in the best way. The Abu Dhabi Police female affiliates hold higher educational degrees, and some of them work and study at the expense of the Abu Dhabi Police in various disciplines, including the rare and important specializations for police work.

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