Build Your Career With a Bachelor of Engineering

Build Your Career With a Bachelor of Engineering

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UAEU is one of the oldest universities established in 1976; additionally has been ranked in the top universities of Abu Dhabi with its extensive programs. It is one of the universities which has both undergraduate and graduate programs.

AT UAEU, the program covers different Engineering disciplines including Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, Highway and Transportation, Water Resources, Environmental Engineering, and Surveying. 

Engineering, in general, is a broad subject which splits into many different disciplines, including chemical, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Engineering graduates are often sensible thinkers with excellent statistical and problem-solving skills. With Bachelors in engineering there are certain program objectives kept in place which are shared below.

What are the program objectives?

  • Provide students with a clear understanding of advanced civil engineering principles

  • Train students with different problem-solving approaches to work on sophisticated and complex engineering issues

  • Enrich the collaboration in research and graduate studies between the UAE University and the national and industrial sectors in the country and worldwide.

  • Serve the life-long learning needs of the engineering community and develop the graduate students' attitude to acquire further learning experiences and motivate them to get engaged in PhD or advanced training programs

  • Provide a solid foundation for establishing a national research centre for the Civil Engineering discipline in the country

The careers open to engineering graduates are broad and diverse, although you may wish to choose the career most relevant to your engineering specialization and related skills. 

What are your career options?

Let's take an overview of the career option when pursuing a  Bachelors in  engineering as it becomes a value-added on its own. Additionally, please see below some of the options:

  1. Civil Engineer - They can work in both the public or private sector - designing and building infrastructure like dams, bridges, reservoirs, etc. Many specialise in certain types of projects. Additionally, for this work, a master's degree or higher is required for leadership or senior positions.

  2. Environmental Engineer - They ensure that projects do not cause any environmental stress. They make sure that overall a project has sustainability and has an overall environmental health standards.

  3. Construction Manager - They handle the planning, budgeting, coordination, and supervision of construction projects in the public or private sector. They are responsible for making sure that projects are completed on time and within budget, and make decisions based on changing on-site circumstances.

  4. Cost Estimator - These professionals make sure to determine the cost of the project by evaluating different material costs and also technical requirements for different construction projects. It is known that civil engineers perform well in this position, given that they are taught different techniques and have adequate knowledge of the materials.

  5. Urban/Regional Planner - create land-use plans to expand or create new communities. Though these positions generally require a degree in urban planning, civil engineers are well-suited for this role since they have an understanding of large projects.

Some of the other careers for engineering students could be: 

  • IT Consultant

  • Quality Manager

  • Technical Writer

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